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Computer Imaging

This is an exciting and fun way for you to be able to visualize improvements we can make to your smile without even sitting in the dental chair.  It is the alteration of a digital photograph of you in the computer to see what changes to your smile might look better.

When you are considering making improvements or changes to your smile, it sometimes can be frightening since you might not be sure if the final outcome will meet your expectations.  “Imaging” allows you and the dentist to see and alter the outcome using computer technology and only when you both agree that the outcome is exactly what is desired is that image used to design that smile you have always wanted.  This enables you to have complete confidence in the treatment outlined.

You and your dentist can then use the final computer image to use as a template for the final product and you can feel confident that the result is exactly what you wanted and were expecting.

How Does it Work?  In our office, we start by asking what it is that YOU want to achieve.  That question put YOU in charge and allows us to explore all the options available. We then take some digital photographs of you and your smile and load those images into the computer imaging program.  We would then have you describe to us, your idea of a “perfect smile” and isolate the areas of your present smile that annoy or bother you.  You might want whiter or longer or straighter teeth but exactly how white or long or straight would be open to interpretation.  Imaging allows us to make all those alterations on your photo and then allows you to be an active participant in deciding how you want your smile to look.

In short, “computer imaging” enables you to see a very close approximation to your final outcome even before any treatment were to begin.  This removes the guesswork from the equation and leaves only the excitement of achieving that perfect smile you have been dreaming of!

We offer FREE imaging to any of our patients who are interested.  Simply call our office and we would be happy to set you up for a consultation.

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