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Periodontology is the specialty of dentistry that concerns the supporting structures of the teeth, as well as the diseases and conditions that affect them.  A soft invisible bacterial film known as plaque adheres to the teeth and will initiate the inflammatory response of the body’s defense mechanisms.  If untreated, periodontal disease will cause the loss of the supporting bone of the teeth and eventually the loss of the teeth.

For over 20 years, dental researchers have found a causal relationship between untreated periodontal disease and premature heart attack and stroke. The chronic inflammation found in periodontal disease is believed to cause arterial inflammation, possibly leading to ruptures of cholesterol plaques from arterial linings. These floating bits of cholesterol can find their way to clog cardiac or cerebral arteries.  One goal of periodontal treatment is to reduce the high levels of chronic inflammation and the toxic by-products of that inflammation. We do that by professionally debriding the teeth on a regular schedule customized for each patient.

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